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About Me

Welcome to FundKey Life. I’m Kelly.  I was born and raised in Vietnam and came to the US when I was 12 with my parents.  I spoke no English and it was definitely a struggle trying to fit in.

Why is my name Kelly?  Funny story, when I was doing my paperwork to become a US citizen, the guy doing the paperwork kept asking me if I wanted to change my name.  Having an impulsive personality and after saying no a couple of times, I was like “sure…what the heck”.

My then first name became my middle name.  I do regret changing my name though because it was given to me by my parents and it’s super easy to pronounce.  But oh well…

About This Blog Name

It brings me to my next story.  My original blog name was Advance My Finance.  Good and easy to remember right?  You look at the name and you know exactly what it is.  My friends told me it was boring and I listened to them.

We came up with FundKey Life.  Goshh…I wish I kept my old blog name.  This name is so hard to remember and when you hear it, you don’t think about finance or anything money related.  That’s mistake #2.  I am never changing another name again.

FUN(D) KEY LIFE – the key to having a life full of fun and fund.  It doesn’t sound too bad when I explain it right?

Why Blogging?

I wanted to start a blog back in 2008 when I was just a pharmacy student.  Instead of studying, I’d be online every day for hours reading blog posts.  Funny thing is that I didn’t read any personal finance blogs or my life would have been very different now.

I didn’t start because I didn’t know if anybody would even read my blog.  I guess you can say I was a little scared about putting myself out there.

I started this blog after I came across a post on Yahoo! about a young Canadian couple – who started investing in their early 20’s and after 10 years, they were able to quit their jobs and travel!  They now blog over at Millennial-Revolution.  Their writing style is so refreshing with so many grammatical errors, but they just don’t care.

Right there and then, I wanted to start a blog writing about personal finance.  It just clicked.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that there are so many ways you can make money blogging whether it’s through ad revenue, affiliate marketing, selling your own courses, seminars, etc..etc..

“Oh nice!  Sign me up!” I said after I learned about it.

Then came the disappointment when I learned how hard it is to do just that.

While I started this blog to share with you my journey, my goal of retiring early and to travel the world.  I have shifted my focus a little bit to include blogging tips that you might find helpful.


Social Media

I had no social media prior to starting this blog and I finally just started using them recently. So let’s connect and be friends.

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