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June 2018 Income Report: How I Finally Made $52.43 Blogging

I am so excited to write this blog post because I finally made some moola after one long year.  If you’re new to my blog, I’ve mentioned a few times that I have been blogging on and off for over a year now.  But it was mostly off – probably 8 months or even longer.

I consider May 2018 to be the first month of real blogging.  That would make this my second month of real blogging.

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I was really ambitious and focused on my blog the first half of June, but I couldn’t do much the second half due to traveling.  Who knew moving around every day would be so tiring.

1. My Pinterest account went from 0 to 360 followers, 0 to 49k average monthly viewers in a month after I purchased the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course.

2. Wrote 11 blog posts:

3. Joined a few Pinterest Group Boards

4. Joined a few Facebook groups


I know it’s not much, but I am so excited.  We all have to start somewhere.  Sometimes it just takes longer for some people.

Grammarly – $25
eBates – $25 – $1.23
Amazon – $1.20

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I already prepaid for hosting with SiteGround so I will not include it in this post.  I will only include expenses that I actually have to pay during the month of the monthly income/expense report.

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  1. Get 10,000 page views – EPIC FAIL. When I made this goal, I didn’t even know what I was doing.  10K page views is very ambitious especially since I started out close to zero.
  2. 500 followers on Pinterest – FAIL.  I currently have 360 followers.  I could have reached my goal if I didn’t slack off the last 2 weeks.
  3. 20 email subscribers – FAIL.  I am very happy with the 5 subscribers I got though.  YAY!
  4. Write 20 blog posts – FAIL.  It would have been possible if I didn’t travel.  It was so much work trying to plan a 3-week trip.  I thought I would be able to work on my blog during the trip, but I wasn’t possible for me.
  5. Make ANY money from ads – YAY…I made $1.23 from
  6. Get my Google Adsense account approved – FAIL.  I tried a couple of time and it kept rejecting.  I read that once it’s rejected, it will just keep rejecting.  There is a way to go around it, but I just didn’t want to bother with it.  Once I reach a certain number of readers, I will apply for a different ad network.
  7. Email 100 board owners on Pinterest to let me join their boards – FAIL.  I emailed about 50 group board owners and nobody responded back except for 1 guy.  He told me to reapply once I have more than 3000 pins and 3000 followers.  At this time, I had close to 20k average monthly viewers, but Pinterest didn’t update my account for 2 weeks and it kept showing only 299 average monthly viewers.  I stopped sending out emails until it got updated.
  8. Get into 20 Pinterest boards – FAIL.  I managed to get into 10.


  1. Get 10,000 page views
  2. 750 followers on Pinterest
  3. 20 email subscribers
  4. Write 15 blog posts
  5. Join 20 Pinterest group boards
  6. Join 5 Facebook groups
  7. Make $100

I am setting some ambitious goals again for July.  I went from 0 to 2000 page views for the month of June.  I am not sure if I will be able to achieve the 10k page views since I won’t have much time to promote and work on it this month.

I am working on the list of Pinterest group boards that accept new bloggers to help my readers.

I have a lot of blog post topics to write about.  I just need to get back into my blogging schedule once I am back home.


These are the tools that helped me with my blog:

Tailwind – Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest, but it is so much more than that.  It knows when is the best time to schedule your pins to get the most impressions.  My favorite is Tailwind Tribes.  Tribes are like Pinterest group boards.  You get 5 Tailwind Tribes and 30 free pins to Tribes even if you don’t sign up for the paid version of Tailwind scheduler.  There is no reason to not use it.

ShareASale – ShareASale is a network of affiliates that bloggers can use to generate income from their blogs.  I have a few affiliated products that I recommend that go through ShareASale such as NameCheap (where I get my domains from).

SiteGround – I signed up for SiteGround to host my domain after just 2 months of using Bluehost.  Bluehost was causing my site to be really slow.  SiteGround has the best customer service and an amazing technical team.  I am not a technical person AT ALL and SiteGround has made it so easy for me.



I wasn’t able to do much blogging while traveling.  I thought I would have more time to work on it since I wasn’t working.  I should have saved some blog posts to schedule them while I am on the road.

I am happy that I went from negative to $52.43 though.  It’s amazing how things can happen when you really set goals and work towards it.

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  • Nice summary of my situation too 🙂
    But it’s weird that you didn’t got accepted on Google ads. I was but I am making close to nothing with my traffic, which is about 13k per month. Go figure!
    Blogging is a hard and sometimes frustrating job at the beginning but I love it so much and I won’t give up 🙂 good luck! and thanks for sharing this.

    • I think it’s because I had a few broken links when I applied and once it’s rejected, it keeps rejecting. I decided to go with and I make close to nothing too 🙂

      I am so glad to hear I am not the only one. I’ve been slacking off again, but reading comments like yours get me going again! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • I love seeing posts like this! Blogging is hard work!! Even though I used to make a little money here and there blogging in the past I still stopped.. I just started blogging again after 2 YEARS away from it!!! I love Share a Sale, they have some AWESOME companies. Have you looked into ????? They are my FAVORITE for sponsored posts.

    • YES! Blogging is definitely hard work. I was sooo motivated and then I went on a long vacation. Now my schedule is all out of whack and I’ve been slacking off again. I gotta get right back into it before I get lazy and stop for another year lol

      I haven’t heard of, I will definitely check it out! Thanks for sharing and keep blogging!

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