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how to make money with spring clean

5 Ways to Make Extra Money with Spring Cleaning

Spring is my favorite season.  The weather is warmer.  The flowers are blooming.  I just feel alive and ready for some spring cleaning to make some extra money selling used/unused items around the house.

How many of you still have clothes from years ago due to some weird attachment?  *Raises hand*.  Yup, I’m one of them.

The clothes still look good.  They will come back in style, right? WRONG!!!

Even if they do come back in style, they would probably not be age-appropriate by then.

Let’s start with the cleaning and detaching process…

3 rules to help with the spring-cleaning process:

Rule #1:  If I haven’t worn it in over a year, then it needs to go.  Simple as that.  If you cannot find a single day in 365 days to wear it, what makes you think you will next year?

Rule #2: Set a number of pieces that you want to get rid.  For me, that magic number is 20.  Doesn’t matter what I have to do. I have to find 20 items to get rid of.  This process is very effective for me.

Rule #3:  Ask a friend for help.  Your friend has no attachment to your clothes and will have no problem finding the 20 items to throw away.

But spring-cleaning wouldn’t be fun if you can’t make some extra money from it.  Whatever you cannot sell, just donate.  You help a good cause and in addition, it might even help with your tax deductions.

5 ways to make extra money with spring cleaning:

1.  eBay

I’ve found that eBay is a good place for me to sell handbags, but not so much for clothes. People just want to pay 50 cents or a dollar for clothes on eBay unless it’s brand name stuff.  But I’ve sold a fair amount of items on eBay over the years.

One time I even sold a palm pilot (nobody uses it anymore) for close to $60.   I hadn’t used it for almost 3 years and one day I decided to look on eBay for it and saw someone bidding for an exact item.  So I listed mine and it was sold less than a week later!!! I couldn’t believe it.  Click here to sign up for eBay.

2. Poshmark

This is a good site if you have gently used clothes.  It’s almost like you can set up your own online store.  You can even join parties to help promote your item.  The key is to take nice pictures to attract potential buyers.  But be careful because most people end up buying more than they sell.  Click here to sign up for Poshmark.

3. Yard sale

I haven’t seen a single yard sale since I’ve been to California, but when I was living in Kentucky, it was a big thing.  The first weekend of every month, you would see people everywhere selling their used goods.  My co-workers would come to work and tell me they had made $600 over the weekend.   I even made $100 myself.

4. Facebook

You can join local groups and exchange or sell items especially toys for kids.  Toys can be very expensive.  This is a good way to get gently used toys at a fraction of the price.

My brother decorated his new house with mostly things he had purchased from the Facebook market place.  I must say I was surprised to see how nice everything turned out.

5.  Craigslist

You can find ANYTHING on Craigslist now. If you’re buying/selling a small item, I’d suggest meeting at a public place and cash only. If you’re selling a big item and can’t take it to a public place, make sure you’re not alone.   Craigslist is an awesome place to sell especially if you’re moving.


There are countless ways to make extra money with things around that house you don’t use anymore.  These are just some of the ways that I’ve tried myself.

One man’s trash is really another man’s treasure.  I don’t know why, but I always got excited when someone made a bid on my item – even if it was only 25 cents.

What are some of your favorite ways to make money with spring cleaning?


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